Monday, February 13, 2012


                      DO YOU REMEMBER

Do you remember those times together?
The times we swore we'd spend together forever?
Do you remember the fun that we shared?
In the comfort in knowing that each of us cared?
Do you remember the dares that we played?
Those daring challenges that each of us made?
Do you remember the smiles and fun?
All the uncontrollable laughter once a joke had begun?
Do you remember the promise we had?
Together through good; together through bad.
And do you remember how we both got through?
Because you had me, and I had you?
Do you remember when you drifted away?
Though I tried all in my power, to make you stay?
And do you remember when you went off with them?
And I begged you to stay, again and again?
Do you remember, the way that I cried?
You didn't see, because you weren't at my side.
Do you remember when I reached for your hand?
When you pulled it away, I didn't understand.
Do you remember, that time I fell down?
You weren't there to catch me, so I fell to the ground.
Do you remember when you laughed at my plight?
I remember the tears soaked my pillow that night.
Do you remember the way we used to be?
The time when no one else mattered but you and me?
You don't remember, but I tell you- I do,
I'm here and I'm waiting, but my friend-
Where are you?


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